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Texas Hunting Ranches – Real Outfitters

Welcome to the best Texas Hunting Ranches around. Welcome to Real Outfitters.  We provide low fence deer hunting in Texas on beautiful hunting ranches. In our opinion, the only hunting is fair chase hunting.

For the last 13 years, Real Outfitters managed over 30,000 acres of prime Texas hunting ranches. We are located in both Concho and Menard counties and we have large populations of many different game. Whether it is Whitetail deer hunting, Axis deer hunting, turkey hunting, dove hunting, quail hunting or hog hunting that you are interested in, Real Outfitters has affordable hunting in Texas waiting for you with a top shelf accommodations and impeccable service.

At Real Outfitters, we focus on more than trophy deer hunting; it is the whole experience. We care about far more than antlers and score, it is about sharing time with friends and family. From a father-son hunting weekend, a weekend getaway with old buddies, a family-friendly hunt, to teaching a youngster how to hunt, to corporate hunting trips in Central Texas, the time you spend with Real Outfitters makes memories.

Make no mistake, these are not high-fenced Texas hunting ranches, this is not a breeding facility, we don’t present a catalog to select a deer from with a price attached. We leave the genetically-modified, circus deer for those afflicted with the “mine is bigger than yours” disease. Our ranches are home to healthy, native Whitetail and free ranging Axis deer. We also have hogs, some of the best turkey hunting in Texas, dove, quail and multiple species of vermin. Our deer are nice and healthy, and abundant. For those of you interested in antler size, you can expect to see deer from 120” to 160” gross BC for Whitetail, and 30” plus for Axis. We are not middlemen, and manage our ranches for the long-term. So while our deer are often trophy deer, our biggest concern is ensuring maturity, but we never charge by the inch. The last thing we want you thinking about while you are in the field is how much a particular deer will cost you, and it’s the last thing we want to talk about when that big buck appears.

Whether you hunt with a rifle or a bow, have 2 people or 20, Real Outfitters can tailor a hunting package with your budget and objectives in mind. Unlike most places, our pricing is straightforward and not scaled to antler length. Book a hunt with Real Outfitters and enjoy an experience that is measured in far more than inches.

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