Real Outfitters 2017 Deer Season

It’s going to be another spectacular year hunting with Real Outfitters. 2017 Deer Season We have added another camp to our stable in Menard, TX. It is a 4200 acre, low-fence ranch that we creatively refer to as “4200”. The ranch is loaded with deer, turkey, dove, and of course, hogs. We have renovated the existing infrastructure and have capacity there for a group of 12. 4200 has some incredible terrain. We have been dove hunting there many times this fall, and lots of limits for groups we have run through there. The cabins are rustic and have dedicated kitchen, bathrooms, and TV as like our other ranches.

In addition, we have continued to add to our affiliated high-fence ranches and run guided hunts all over Menard and Concho counties. Of course, that also means we have to drop the “Low Fence, Fair Chase” tagline. While we’re working on an updated slogan, we’ll go with “Usually Low Fence, Probably Fair Chase.” As it goes in the hunting business, we have our share of detractors over high-fence hunting. There are plenty of those who criticize high-fence hunting as being like fish in a barrel. We say, 100,000 acres of directly managed and affiliate ranches is one big-ass barrel.

We are basically booked solid for November, but have some late-season options for Whitetail. Check with us and we’ll let you know. If you can’t make deer season in 2017 and want to get a head start on 2018 then call. We are booking 2018 hunts too.  If you want sooner than 2018 we have a lot of high-fence exotic options we would be happy to discuss.