About Real Outfitters: Hunting in Texas

Hunting in Texas with Real Outfitters is a true Texas hunting experience.

Our company is owned by hunters who know what they want in a hunting experience, and focus on making the customer receive the best Texas hunting has to offer. Our goal is to provide a great hunt in a natural, low fence environment. We have managed our ranches responsibly beginning 13 years ago, only harvesting mature deer. Through the years, we have developed a strong Whitetail and Axis deer population on our ranches in Eden, Texas and now in Ft. McKavett, Texas. With nearly 30,000 acres and 55 blinds and feeders, our hunters enjoy a serene environment and ranches miles long by miles wide with no crowding. Our year-round feeding program helps supplement mother nature and support big, healthy animals.

Mike Buie - Hunting Ranch

Mike Buie is one of the founders of Real Outfitters and began the operation in Eden, Texas 13 years ago. A lifelong hunter, guide, and entrepreneur, Mike treats this business as a labor of love. Mike is also the owner of Buie Lumber Company, and has also owned or been a partner in numerous other enterprises in hospitality. As we complete our latest buildout of a hunting ranch in Ft. McKavett, TX, you will see the emphasis on the hunter experience. As CEO, Mike ensures that Real Outfitters delivers a great hunt, every time.

Al Grumbles

Al Grumbles is a founder of Real Outfitters and is responsible for hunting operations. Al has decades of experience as a hunter and guide. He has overseen the development and construction of all Real Outfitters properties.

Hunting Ranch Owner

Josh Pond is a founder of Real Outfitters and oversees marketing and business development as well as financial operations. Josh has experience in start-up operations, and as President of a Culinary College.

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