“Buy cheap… buy twice!” my grandpa used to say. And after the last few weeks at Real Outfitters, that old adage is proven to be true. We have rescued more than a few groups. It sucks that there are a handful of operations out there that are low quality. And worse there are some that are outright scams. One group arrived at camp to find lousy accommodations and few turkeys on property. Another had paid for clients, only to get screwed when the outfitter cancelled on him. And finally, a wife buys an anniversary gift for her husband only to get taken on a scam altogether. This is just in the month of April. Affordable hunts in Texas is not easy to come by.

Spring 2018 turkey hunting
Another happy group, spring 2018

Running a hunting operation is not cheap. Land is expensive. Feed is pricey. Marketing, staff and facilities cost money to run. So if someone is offering a deal that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Real Outfitters directly manages 30,000 acres and has over 30 cabins and 100 beds across 4 different camps. Our investment in our facilities assures a quality experience. Often, we can accommodate on very short notice. Above all, we know that this is a business where reputation matters and repeat customers are gold. We provide you the hunting experience we want for ourselves. Plentiful game, good food, a comfortable nice place to stay, and honest hardworking guides are what you get. We price fairly for these services, and you get what you pay for. Every time. There are plenty of great operations out there, but unfortunately, there are some lousy ones too. Don’t confuse affordable hunts with great value. We have a number of hunts at different price points and can find a solution for any reasonable budget.