The price of hunting is crazy. Affordable deer hunts are not easy to find. As an hunting outfitter we are well aware of the expense and insanity. The demand for bigger deer has driven us to a place where a straw of deer semen is thousands of dollars and the trophy bucks tens of thousands. It is clear to us that this trend is falling out of favor. People want to hunt. The idea of picking an animal from a catalog, and paying by the inch is not appealing. It is proportional not to ability, but wallet size.

Don’t get us wrong, we enjoy getting a big bruiser. But finding a great buck by virtue of scouting, time, and effort is better than killing a bottle-fed, thoroughbred deer. At Real Outfitters, we have a series of well priced, low fence hunts that fit every budget. Our 3 day 2 night freezer filler hunts include 2 does, or 2 does and a 7 pt. or less cull buck. Our 3 day and five day whitetail buck hunts are unrestricted on size. If you see a mature deer you want, you get it. The possibility of getting a 150″ low fence deer is more appealing to our customers than buying $15,000 worth of bone. If you like brie and chardonnay and semen straws and emptying your wallet, you probably should keep looking. Or come out with us and we’ll get you straight on what hunting is.

If you prefer a great hunt on tens of thousands of low fence acres, a nice deer camp, and good food then we’re your place. Any low fence deer we have is priced below $2000, and we have so much acreage there is a great one hiding out there that is for you. Whitetail deer hunting, in our opinion is a ritual to be celebrated. So many ranches have turned it into a high-priced transaction. Affordable deer hunts are out there, and we are one of the places that have them. For more information, click here.