Best Man Has the Best Plan

There are many reasons to skip the well worn bachelor parties of the past with the strippers and cheap cigars, and the more upscale version of this with nice cigars, Crazy Horse III, nightclubs and casinos in Vegas. Especially for the guys who have been around the block and done this a dozen times, and aren’t getting married at 22, that trip is not all that interesting. Been there, done that? Assume the groom is not interested in one last fling before getting married because he loves his bride. If he needs last second flings to get it “out of his system”, be a buddy and tell him to stay single. And if he thinks he’s going home with a CH3 girl, tell him to stay single, and get his head examined. Plus, the bride’s dad will be at the bachelor party, or the brother. So the dirty trip just really an illusion of a dirty trip, with Vegas surgically removing your wallet as you live out a lie. Sorry, those ladies aren’t actually interested in you.

The bride may be skeptical of the Vegas trip, or maybe you’re too old (or smart), or maybe you’re group is religious, or any number of reasons to avoid the above. So what are the alternatives? Golf? Not everyone golfs, and golfing with non-golfers just sucks. Destination bachelor parties with $200+ greens fees are no fun for the non-golfer. For the avid golfer, the trip to Cabo for golf may be perfect, but the non-golfers will likely resent the cost, or what a butt-kicking those courses deliver to folks above single digit handicaps.

So what else is there?

A clean bachelor party idea worth considering is a hunt with Real Outfitters.We can accommodate groups of 20+. It fits most budgets for hunters and non-hunters alike, especially our dove hunts and turkey hunts. Doesn’t require experience. Any age group can participate. Chef-prepared meals cooked in an oak & mesquite BBQ pit with customizable menu means we can fit any price point. We take safety very seriously, so we can assure your bride that you will get home in one piece. You will have greater risk of injury driving to or from the airport. Want an alcohol free event? It’s your camp for the weekend with 3000 acres to yourself. That’s your call. Want 18 year old scotch? We can do that too. Need transportation to and from the ranch? We can do it.

We have different rates for hunters and non-hunters, so for those who just want to treat it as a weekend on a great Texas hunting ranch, that is OK. In short, we can help you design the bachelor party you want at price that works per person.

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