I decided for a New Year’s resolution this year that I will be eating what I kill.  I granted myself some exceptions- for instance I am too cheap to throw away food, so I allowed myself to eat whatever we had in the freezer from 2013. Also, it’s weird to carry around venison or quail breasts to people’s houses, so I remain a gracious guest and eat whatever’s served when people invite us over for dinner.  I have broken down and eaten Rudy’s BBQ a couple times, and enjoyed a steak at Jacoby’s a couple of weeks ago.

But since January 1st, I haven’t purchased or eaten any beef, chicken, or fish at home, and no fast food. Thankfully everyone in the house likes venison because we have a lot of it. I bought a chest freezer that will hold 300lbs. of meat. Venison burgers, venison meatballs, venison green curry, venison spiedies, venison dry sausage, venison salami, venison tenderloin with Thai chili lime sauce. I couldn’t kill a turkey to save my life this spring, so no turkey.  Just lots of venison.

While I admittedly am tired of it, I’m partly off the food grid, and more and more each day. I don’t want to get all preachy about it, but corporate food is disgusting.  I know that some of my California friends and family think hunting is barbaric, but unless you are a vegan, someone’s killing your meat, and the way chickens are treated with beaks removed and shot full of growth hormones to mature faster, kept in two by two by two cubes, and shot full of antibiotics because they sit in their own feces- I’ll gladly take the more primitive way of getting sustenance.  And truthfully, that’s exactly what it is: primitive.  It is a basic, human victory to kill food and put it on the table. And even more so to do it every night.  At this point, I am not sure I’ll ever buy meat again.

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