Whether you are an expert hunter or you want to try something different, this FAQ list can answer some of the questions that we often get from people who come to Real Outfitters.

Where are your ranches located?

We have four camps on 30,000 acres of land in Eden, Menard, and Ft. McKavett, Texas. All combined, we have around 100 beds and over two dozen cabins, and farmhouses that range from rustic to restored.

How do I book a hunt?

We are happy to discuss options with you as a website alone may not be sufficient to have your questions answered. If you know what you want, just submit a form on the website, or call 210-291-3711. If you have questions, click CONTACT US and we will be happy to discuss. We will connect you with our administrative staff for payment. Typically, we require 50% as a deposit, with the balance to be paid on or before your arrival date.

What do I need to bring?

First and foremost, you must be licensed (http://tpwd.com) If you fail to secure a license, you will not be allowed to hunt. Many nearby locations sell Texas hunting licenses, so at worst, we’ll get you to a place where you can buy a new or replacement license. Aside from that, appropriate firearms and ammo. Finally, while our hunts include food and lodging, alcohol is not included.

Do the guides clean birds or skin, dress, quarter game?

Yes, our guides work hard to assist before, during an after a hunt. Just pull the trigger and they do the rest. Trust that they will work to maximize your experience as they are working for gratuities.

How do we handle processing and taxidermy?

Real Outfitters does not directly handle either, but we have a number of vendor relationships that get you quality service. You are not obligated to use our vendors and we receive no payment for processing or taxidermy.

What are your success rates?

Truly it depends on the hunt. Many of our hunts will come with a guaranteed opportunity, but success ultimately depends on the skill of the hunter and the quality of the shot. Unguided hunts typically have a lower success rate than guided hunts. Our exotic hunts are typically no kill, no pay beyond a daily fee.

Are your hunts guaranteed?

Some of our hunts carry the Real Outfitters Guarantee. While we strive to achieve 100% success, a number of factors impact that. Particularly bad weather, a missed shot, or just not getting a desired animal in range can result in a hunt that is not fruitful. Our pricing is at a discount to competitors, and the whole point of low-fence hunting is that it is in fact hunting, and sometimes animals do not cooperate. Some hunters miss their shot. We are sure you never miss, but if you somehow did, all is not lost. We allow you to return at 50% off.

What if I have never hunted before, or if I have hunters in my group that have not?

Great!! One of our owners is from California, and he sucks at hunting! Seriously though, Real Outfitters loves the opportunity to work with new hunters and has the patience to teach anyone without making them feel stupid. The best way to become a great hunter is to have a great teacher. We have some of the best, most experienced teachers around, and we love the opportunity to get you your first deer. We will be very direct when it comes to ensuring safety. We will give advice where necessary to ensure success. But experience is often based on mistakes, and you will make some. That’s ok.

If you have other questions that are not mentioned here and would like us to respond, let us know!