Guaranteed Deer Hunts

We guarantee our guided deer hunts. At Real Outfitters, we are confident in the quality of our game. Our guides will find trophy deer.  But since our ranches are low-fence, sometimes mother nature doesn’t cooperate. Other times, a hunter or two have missed a shot. Our value pricing takes into account that we’re hunting, not farming. Our Whitetail bucks range from 120″ to 160″, but they are not kept in a cage for you to walk up and shoot.

We know that you have many options. Everyone wants a successful hunt, but it is difficult to trust in advance that you are going to get what you pay for when booking a hunt. That is why Real Outfitters stands behind all of its guided hunts with the Real Outfitters Guarantee. If you are not successful in your hunt, Real Outfitters will credit a full 50% for your next hunt. All real hunters know that the animals don’t always cooperate, and that not every hunt produces a trophy. Real Outfitters wants to split the difference and reduce the cost to you if this occurs. Also, too often hunters are playing beat the clock on a 3 day hunt. We would rather you come back and get the animal you want, rather than just shooting because time is almost up.

High Fence ranches may provide a 100% guarantee. But you pay a premium for that.

And if you are shooting an animal in a pen you are a farmer, not a hunter.