Landowner Resources

Texas hunting ranches are one of the greatest resources in our beautiful state. Real Outfitters has been a responsible steward of central Texas ranch land for the last 12 years. Our mantra of low-fence and fair chase is grounded in our belief of what hunting is, and what it should be. As a business, low-fence ranching allows us to invest our resources in year-round feed, hunter amenities and the overall experience at a price point fair less than what a high-fence ranch can reasonably charge and remain solvent. High-fence hunting operations certainly have advantages, namely big animals, but the capital costs required are huge. Thus, in addition to fencing, genetics, and all of the related costs, a high-fence operation only makes sense where the underlying land is also owned. In short, the reason you have to charge so much in a high-fence operation is the massive capital costs.

If you are a rancher, the specter of incurring these costs for a modest incremental revenue is daunting, and is a significant deterrent. Instead, most decide not to invest and instead seek season leases. Many ranchers post their ranches on craigslist, etc. in hopes of attracting season lessees for deer hunting. If you are still reading this, you already know that dealing with a group of season hunters can be difficult. Coordinating payment, the reliability of those lessees, and the way they are inclined to treat your property often leave a lot to be desired.

Real Outfitters does not own its hunting land, but instead leases in what are typically 10 year terms. We seek properties at a minimum of 1000 acres, at annual lease rates that are fair to both parties. Land owners appreciate the visibility of knowing the dollars coming in will be on time, at a predictable amount, and with no vacancy. Further, as we are making long term commitments, we manage game population, control predators, feed liberally, and year-round, and make significant improvements to existing infrastructure.

We continuously seek the right properties for longer-term leases, and we’re also willing to discuss season-specific leases. For instance, if you would like to simply lease turkey rights, we’re willing to evaluate that.

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