Watch out Duck Dynasty! A whole new cast of characters is about to hit the airways.  Real Outfitters will be featured on the Pursuit Channel.

A few months back, we were contacted by US Outdoorsman Central about the possibility of using Real Outfitters’ ranches for an upcoming episode of a hunting show they produce. The premise of the show is a “hunt of a lifetime” is given away to one of their members, and that lucky hunter receives an all expenses paid trip, with the hunt itself being the focus of the episode. USOC is producing these episodes to air nationally on The Pursuit Channel. Given that we just launched the Real Outfitters brand, we enthusiastically agreed to partner with them.

That’s 604 on Directv, not sure what it is elsewhere. But that’s national TV exposure, and we’re damn proud of it.

Real Outfitters will be prominently featured in the episode, which will feature a Whitetail & Axis Deer combo hunt. We are really looking forward to the reality show debut of Mike Buie,  Al Grumbles, and yours truly.  What might best be described as Duck Dynasty, with better hygiene, substituting beards for Texas Rangers ballcaps, and more colorful language, with a Berkeley guy standing inexplicably on the sideline shooting at cactus,  a Real Outfitters episode will catapult The Pursuit Channel past AMC to dominate cable airways.  Your cable bill will probably go up, but this episode will make it worth it.

More details to follow, but check out the Pursuit Channel in the meantime. Also, best to book a hunt with us sooner rather than later. Once Mike Buie achieves rockstar status, getting a piece of history and saying you hunted with him will never be as inexpensive or easy again. Experience a true Texas Hunt with Real Outfitters. Low Fence,  Fair Chase Deer Hunting.