It is incredible how many Rio Turkeys Real Outfitters has on what is now 50,000 acres. Through deer season, we have seen groups by the dozens and in some cases, nearly hundreds. We have giant Toms just waiting to become another successful RO success story.

This spring, we do have some availability remaining, although there are some weekends that are either booked fully, or groups have paid for exclusive use of our camps. For those of you with larger groups, you can’t put off booking any longer, or you are looking at 2019.

Our guided hunts are priced at $1250 for a max of 2 birds, and shot opportunity is guaranteed. Unguided hunts are $900 for a max of two birds. We don’t guarantee the unguided, if only because… well… varying degrees of talent. Pennsylvania hunters typically lower our success rate on unguided turkey hunts.

Our guides are excellent, so unless you are very confident and very good, we do recommend the guided hunt. Packages include lodging and meals, and are set up as 3 day, 2 night packages.

We’ll say in advance that each of our hunting seasons has great things to say, our turkey hunting has no peer. Our ranches are located in Concho and Menard counties in central Texas, and is some of the best habitat there is for Rio Turkeys.

If you are looking for some of the best turkey hunting in Texas, give us a call.