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Texas Hog Hunting occurs in on one of our managed, free-range ranches. Hunting is with tower blinds and pop-up blinds over established feeders, and safari-style hunting, with spotlights. Customers may bring red/green lights, thermals, baits. This is a self-guided hunt for experienced hunters.

Meals available

Basic Breakfast and Dinner package

Kill fees

No additional kill fees.

$1250 Semi-Guided

3 days, 2 nights. 4 person minimum.

Helicopter Hunts

Call for price and availability

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3 Days, 2 Nights


$1250Per Person

Texas Hog Hunts

Texas hog hunting at its finest! If you are an experienced hog hunter this hunt is for you. Real hunting, not pig farming. We have hogs everywhere, but there is a lot of terrain to cover and the price reflects that you are doing it yourself. Texas hog hunting on one of our managed, free-range ranches is a great experience. Hunting is with tower blinds and pop-up blinds over established feeders, and safari-style hunting, with spot lights. Customers may bring red/green lights, thermals, baits. whatever works for you. Lots of game and lots of fun, but for more advanced hunters. Also, unlimited predators. This hunt is unguided. We will designate a specific ranch or pasture, and require that you remain in the assigned area, but your success is up to you. If you are not an experienced hog hunter, and would like to request a guided hog hunt, just ask. For those of you not familiar, hogs are an invasive species. Hog hunting in Texas is actually your duty and public service. Since hogs are invasive, there are almost no restrictions on how and when you hunt them. The hogs don't always cooperate, but when they are there, please shoot as many as you see. This is a free range wild hog and predator hunt. While there are hogs and predators all over our ranches, they are not always easy to find. Be advised that while tv shows glamourize the number of hogs, we are hunting a very smart animal and it is hunting, not farming. While we have some hunters stacking them up, we also have hunts that end empty handed. We're trying to control the hog and predator population. This hunt is for above average hunters. Bring calls for foxes and other predators and get ready to have a great time. Sometimes the hunt is more of a predator hunt than a hog hunt.

Basic Meal Plan

Breakfast, Dinner


Cabins, Restrooms, Common area TV


We'll designate an area up to 3000 acres for you to hunt

Affordable hunting options

There are low-cost options great for groups and varying skill levels.

Texas Deer Hunting

All Hunts are 3 days, 2 Nights. Noon arrival, noon departure. Additional nights $250 per hunter per day.

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$999 - $5499Per Person

Exotic Hunting – Texas Deer Hunting

Typically 3 days, 2 nights

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$750 and upPer Person

Hogs are present, but as this hunt is self-guided, depends on the skill of hunter.
GUARANTEE DETAILS As this hunt is self-guided, we do not guarantee success, but if you are any good at hog hunting, you should have it.

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