Tips are always an uncomfortable topic for many clients especially those on a first time hunting trip. As an outfitter: it is equally uncomfortable providing advice regarding this subject. Below is merely a point of reference and not what you SHOULD tip. Ultimately the decision is yours.

Tipping is a good thing; it is a straightforward way to encourage great service. A tip is a reflection of the quality of service that you have received during your hunt.

Why is tipping so important?

The reason is simple, guides, helpers and camp staff derive much of their income from the tips they receive which creates the incentive for them to perform at their highest level.

Below is a guide not an absolute. By all means, if a guide or staff member exceeds your expectations, tip them more. If the level of service doesn’t meet your expectation, don’t tip at all and PLEASE inform RO management staff.

Suggested Tip Rates

Guides = 15% of the cost of your hunt

Kitchen Staff = $35 per day

Helpers = $10-$20 per animal (gutting/quartering)