Whitetail Deer Season

week 1

Whitetail deer season with Real Outfitters has gotten off to a nice start. A couple of pictures are attached with some of our happy hunters. While warm weather might be keeping the deer a little lazy, we have been scouting and know where to find the critters. We’re booked up pretty solid through November, but still have some availability in December. We have been feeding the heck out of our pastures. We are competing with some acorns this time of year, but we have some reliable places and tons of deer. Axis deer are everywhere too. Those of you who are flinching at prices and just want meat hunts can feel pretty confident that our two doe meat hunts will give you plenty of well fed fun. So many deer. And hogs. And turkey.

If you’re coming for a hunt in the next couple of weeks, check the weather. It has still been hot enough that snakes are still out and about. Wear snake boots if you have them. And if you don’t, it’s about time you get them. We’re due for a cold snap, but for now the days are still warm. Also, don’t forget your hunting license. Go to Texas Parks and Wildlife for more information. We are in Concho and Menard Counties in Central Texas. And if you haven’t booked a hunt yet, and want to check out pricing and options, click here.

Whitetail Hunting in Texas
A nice 8 point buck